What makes it better to listen to the podcast on Tubidy : Tubidy

If you like streaming a podcast and watching music videos, you should try the Tubidy and video player. This app may be your new best friend on streaming podcasts and music videos.

Not only to stream podcasts and watch videos, but you can also listen to your favorite songs of different genres. So how to play podcasts in Tubidy? Read the article below.

To get to know Tubid

Today, people hear music from their mobile devices. They need an application that can not only play music, but also watch podcasts as well as videos. For most people, listening to podcasts allows them to learn new things.

Tubidy is encountered as an app with many kinds of podcasts you want. You can stream your favorite podcast anywhere from your mobile devices. All you have to do is just write on the podcast you want in the keyword bar and the app will come up with a list.

Interestingly, you can not only watch podcasts, but also play videos. You can search from all sources around the world and it is available in many languages.

Tubidy plays podcast and music videos from other platforms, such as TikTok, FB, SoundCloud, etc. Simply copy the URL link from another platform you want and then search the Tubidy search bar.

What makes it better to listen to the podcast on Tubidy?

If you think this app is just like a player of another podcast, then you’re completely wrong. Here’s why you’ll like this app:

1. This is free!

You don’t have to pay if you want this app. Everything from listening to music or podcasts to downloading them is free. Build your library with a mess.

Compared to other platforms where you have to pay a number of amounts, this app saves you the cost. You can enjoy as much music as you want, as well as download as many videos as you want. No pay.

2. It’s easy!

You don’t have to be an expert to be able to use this app. You just have to download and play. Just write the songs, podcasts or videos you want in the search bar.

If you want to convert videos from another platform, all you have to do is copy the URL link and put it in the search bar. Decide the size and type of file and the conversion process is done.

3. Download as much as you want

There’s no limit to this app if you download music or video. Therefore, you can set up your library for both mp3 and MP4 files. By having your own library, you can never finish the election.

All you have to do is check the storage of your device. While you can download as much as you want, you want to check the device’s capacity as well. On the other hand, you can keep your downloaded file in special storage.

4. Download and convert it to high speed

The whole process of discharge and conversion is only a few minutes. Although it downloads high-quality files, it will not cause the size to increase.

So you only need a few minutes to turn it around. This application performs at the same speed on mobile or desktop devices.

5. Available for various formats

No matter what kind of format you want to hear, this app will be able to play it for you. You can have MP3 or MP4, this app will play it of the best quality.

In terms of storage, it depends on the capacity of your device. However, regardless of the size of the files, this app can play them for you.

6. No virus and malware

You shouldn’t worry about transmitting any viruses or malware when installing this app. It does not contain any harmful data, so it is safe to install.

It also doesn’t bring you any connection disorder when you play music or video. Your bond will remain stable.

7. Supports many devices

You can have Tubidy on your mobile or desktop computer. It works well on a smartphone, laptop, tablet or even your old device. That’s because the size of the app is small, so it doesn’t slow down the performance of your device.

If you’re using an old device or old phone, you can choose the small size of this app to install it easily and quickly. However, even if you install the small-sized app, the quality is still good and you can play music properly.

8. Pop-ups lines

This podcast player app is free pop-ups so you can play your favorite podcast without being bothered by pop-up messages. As we all know, commercial ads or pop-ups can distract and annoy users, while focusing on what they are seeing or downloading. With this app, you can escape this problem.

9. Millions of music, podcasts & video collection

If you go to Tubidy’s website, you’ll find a large collection of music from different genres. Same thing when you open the app on your mobile devices. You can find every video podcast from around the world with numerous resource and language choices.

You’re also free to choose the source for files you want to play or download. Simply copy the URL link to the search bar and press enter to convert it to any guilt you want.

How to type Podcast File Tubidy

All you need to download a podcast file is a device and a stable internet connection. Then go to the browser on your device and choose which podcast you want. After that, click the download button and you’ll get a variety of formats.

Choose the formats you want and choose the file size, then wait for the conversion process to take place. After it’s done, the file is already stored in your device.

Keep in mind that you need to prepare enough space on your device before downloading and converting files. Use an external hard drive or SD card to store files you download.

Tubidy is a powerful app and website to play, download, and convert files. You can have so many podcasts, download them and convert them, and listen to them whenever you want.